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I danced with Paris Opera Ballet for fifteen years before moving to California and becoming a Principal Dancer with San Francisco Ballet in 2013. 

I spent my life surrounded by inspiring artists working in all mediums from dance to film to photography to painting.

After living for four years in San Francisco Bay Area and experiencing the struggle of the artistic community, I searched for a special place to host and support this family. 

As a dancer driven by motion I want to start a new creative movement here at La Maison.


Originally, I studied medicine. When I was 21 my father, filmmaker Ryuji Fukuyama, hired me to work in the costume department of his productions. I have been working in fashion ever since.


I am a firm believer of working in harmony with narratives, movements and personas.  

With my brand Tokyo Gamine I enjoyed blurring the lines between fashion, sculpture and painting.

I would like to grow a new creative movement through La Maison, promoting talented Bay Area artists. 

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